1 business (empresa).
¿cómo va el negocio? how's business?
negocio familiar family business
2 deal, (business) transaction.
(buen) negocio good deal, bargain
hacer negocio to do well
¡mal negocio! (figurative) that's a nasty business!
negocio redondo great bargain, excellent deal
negocio sucio shady deal, dirty business
3 establishment, concern, business.
4 gain.
1st person singular (yo) present indicative of spanish verb: negociar.
* * *
nombre masculino
1 (actividad) business
2 (gestión) deal, transaction
3 (asunto) affair
4 (local) shop, US store
hemos abierto un negocio en pleno centro we've opened up a new shop right in the centre of town
¡bonito negocio hemos hecho! (con ironía) some deal that was!, some deal that turned out to be!
hablar de negocios to talk business
hacer negocio to make a profit
hacer un buen negocio (comercialmente) to do a good deal 2 (gen) to do well
* * *
noun m.
1) business
2) trade
- mujer de negocios
* * *
1) (Com, Econ) (=empresa) business; (=tienda) shop, store (EEUU)

el negocio del espectáculo — show business

el negocio del libro — the book trade

montar un negocio — to set up o start a business

traspasar un negocio — to transfer a business, sell a business

2) (=transacción) deal, transaction

el negocio es el negocio — business is business

hacer un buen negocio — to pull off a good deal

¡hiciste un buen negocio! — iró that was a fine deal you did!

un negocio redondo — a real bargain, a really good deal

negocio sucio, negocio turbio — shady deal

3) pl negocios (Com, Econ) business sing , trade sing

el mundo de los negocios — the business world

estar en viaje de negocios — to be (away) on business

hablar de negocios — to talk business

hombre/mujer de negocios — businessman/businesswoman

retirarse de los negocios — to retire from business

4) (=asunto) affair

eso es negocio tuyo — that's your affair

mal negocio — bad business

¡mal negocio! — it looks bad!

5) And, Cono Sur (=firma) firm, company; (=casa) place of business
6) And, Caribe

el negocio — the fact, the truth

pero el negocio es que ... — but the fact is that ...

7) And (=cuento) tale, piece of gossip
* * *
a) (empresa) business

montar or poner un negocio — to set up a business

b) (transacción) deal

un buen negocio — a good deal

hacer negocio — to make money

c) (CS) (tienda) store (AmE), shop (BrE)
d) negocios masculino plural (comercio) business

dedicarse a los negocios — to be in business

hablar de negocios — to talk business

en el mundo de los negocios — in the business world

e) (fam) (asunto) business (colloq)
* * *
a) (empresa) business

montar or poner un negocio — to set up a business

b) (transacción) deal

un buen negocio — a good deal

hacer negocio — to make money

c) (CS) (tienda) store (AmE), shop (BrE)
d) negocios masculino plural (comercio) business

dedicarse a los negocios — to be in business

hablar de negocios — to talk business

en el mundo de los negocios — in the business world

e) (fam) (asunto) business (colloq)
* * *
1 = affair, business [businesses, -pl.], line of business, trade, business venture.

Ex: And also until Groome appeared, newcomers were a nullity as an active political force, exerting little influence in city affairs.

Ex: The treatise arose from Kaiser's work in indexing information relating to business and industry.
Ex: The computer people are muscling in on our line of business and we can't stop them.
Ex: Non-bibliographic data bases are particularly used for businesses and industry to extract information in the fields of business, economics, trade and commerce.
Ex: In considering business ventures libraries should pay attention to the following considerations -- the library's mission, its capability, the financial impact, legal aspects, and professional and ethical issues.
* asociación benéfica de hombres de negocios = Lions club.
* dedicarse a un negocio = enter + a business.
* de negocios = transactional.
* economía de negocios = managerial economics.
* emprender un negocio = take on + business venture.
* escuela de negocios = business school.
* gente de negocios = business people.
* hacer negocio = make + business.
* hacer negocios = do + business.
* hacer un gran negocio = make + a killing.
* hombre de negocios = businessman [businessmen, -pl.], entrepreneur.
* hombres de negocios = business people.
* llevar un negocio = conduct + a business.
* magnate de los negocios = business leader, business magnate.
* mundo de los negocios = business world, business environment.
* negocio del ocio, el = entertainment industry, the.
* negocio electrónico = online business.
* negocio en línea = online business.
* negocio internacional = international business.
* negocio lucrativo = lucrative business.
* negocio multimillonario = multibillion dollar business.
* negocios = biz.
* negocio sucio = monkey business.
* orientado hacia los negocios = business-minded.
* promocionar un negocio = drum up + business.
* propuesta de negocios = business proposition.
* quedarse sin negocio = go out of + business.
* relacionado con los negocios = business-related.
* reunión de negocios = business meeting.
* sagacidad para los negocios = business acumen.
* usuario del mundo de los negocios = business user.
* visión para los negocios = business acumen.
* volumen de negocios = turnover, stock turnover, turnover of stock.

2 = business [businesses, -pl.], shop, outfit.

Ex: To a small or mid-sized business, information is critical for effective planning, growth and development.

Ex: In strong contrast to, say, television sets and instant coffee, where the consumer may save by shopping around, there is no advantage to be gained by going to one shop rather than another for a book so far as price is concerned.
Ex: The author compares the advantages and disadvantages of buying from the larger established companies and smaller outfits.
* base de datos de negocios = business database.
* cerrar el negocio = fold up + shop.
* cerrar un negocio = go out of + business.
* montar + Posesivo + propio negocio = set + Reflexivo + up in business.
* negocio de venta de coches usados = used car business.
* negocio familiar = family-run business.
* obligar a cerrar el negocio = force out of + business, force out of + the marketplace.
* pequeño negocio = small business.

* * *
1 (empresa) business
montó or puso un negocio de compraventa de coches he set up a used-car dealership, he set up in business buying and selling cars
[ S ] traspaso negocio de vinos wine business for sale
esto de la compraventa de apartamentos es un negocio there's a lot of money to be made buying and selling apartments
2 (transacción) deal
hicimos un buen negocio we made o did a good deal
hizo un negocio redondo con la venta de la casa he made a fortune when he sold the house
hacer negocio to make money
3 (CS) (tienda) store (AmE), shop (BrE)
en ese barrio no hay negocios there are no stores o shops in that area
4 negocios mpl (comercio) business
dejó la enseñanza para dedicarse a los negocios he gave up teaching to go into business
hablar de negocios to talk business
en el mundo de los negocios in the business world
5 (Chi fam) (asunto) business (colloq)
* * *


Del verbo negociar: (conjugate negociar)

negocio es:

1ª persona singular (yo) presente indicativo

negoció es:

3ª persona singular (él/ella/usted) pretérito indicativo

Multiple Entries:
negociar (conjugate negociar) verbo transitivo/intransitivo
to negotiate
negocio sustantivo masculino
a) (Com) business;

montar or poner un negocio to set up a business;
dedicarse a los negocios to be in business;

hablar de negocios to talk business;
en el mundo de los negocios in the business world
b) (transacción) deal;

un buen negocio a good deal

c) (CS) (tienda) store (AmE), shop (BrE)

d) (fam) (asunto) business (colloq)

I vtr (acordar, tratar) to negotiate: negociamos con él la compra de las acciones, we negotiated the purchase of the shares with him
están negociando la subida de las pensiones, they are negotiating a rise in pensions
II vi (traficar, comerciar) to do business, deal: negocia con ropa usada, he deals in second-hand clothes
negocio sustantivo masculino
1 Com Fin business: esa venta fue un mal negocio, that sale was a bad deal
2 (asunto) affair: no sé en qué negocios anda, I don't know what type of business he's involved in
3 (tienda, empresa) su padre tiene un negocio de restauración de muebles, his father's got a furniture restoring business
♦ Locuciones: hacer negocio, to make a profit: mal negocio vas a hacer si no les cobras a los amigos, you're not going to do very good business if you don't charge your friends
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* * *
negocio nm
1. [empresa] business;
tiene un negocio de electrodomésticos he has an electrical appliance business;
¿cómo va el negocio? how's business?
negocio familiar family business
negocios [actividad] business;
el mundo de los negocios the business world;
un viaje de negocios a business trip;
se dedica a los negocios he's in business;
hacer negocios con to do business with;
estoy aquí por cuestiones de negocios I'm here on business
3. [transacción] deal, (business) transaction;
hacer negocio to do well;
con esta compra hicimos (buen) negocio this was a good buy;
negocio redondo great bargain, excellent deal
4. [ocupación] business;
¡ocúpate de tus negocios! mind your own business!;
¿en qué negocios andas metido? what are you involved in now?;
¡mal negocio! that's a nasty business!;
negocio sucio shady deal, dirty business
5. RP [tienda] store
* * *
1 business
2 (trato) deal
* * *
negocio nm
1) : business, place of business
2) : deal, transaction
3) negocios nmpl
: commerce, trade, business
* * *
negocio n
1. (comercio, actividad) business [pl. businesses]
se dedican al negocio del petróleo they're in the oil business
ha montado un pequeño negocio he's set up a small business
2. (trato) deal
hicimos un buen negocio it was a good deal for us

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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